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I vent in my journal. Venting does not mean I am miserable. I promise that when I am miserable and/or depressed, I will be very clear about it if I choose to share such things. Any entries I post that do not state that I am emotionally distraught, wounded, in a funk, on the verge of a breakdown, or something to that effect are just me having a good rant about things that are incredibly offensive or stupid.

My purposes for writing about them are twofold: I find that I move on much faster if I do so, and I also have realized that it's educational for all of us when we share these things. There are a lot of us who live in NJ on my list. Did you guys know that the state doesn't require insurance companies to give you a minimum notice if they decide to drop you for having an underground oil tank? I found that out WITHOUT telling my story tonight because a neighbor was sharing the fact that she had no homeowner's insurance...her company sent her notice that they were no longer insuring people with said tanks and would not be renewing her policy. Boom!

The good news is that from her experience, I learned that I am not doomed to spend the $10,000 I was thinking it would cost to have my tank removed from the ground. It will be more like $2500, if that. She even has contacts for me! See? Network venting is USEFUL!

Speaking of networking, the other reason I was freaked out and ready to sell my home here was that I could not locate the company I wanted to use for solar power online, nor could I find the NJ home specifics I needed to discover if my house qualified, etc, and I thought we'd need to replace the roof on the house right away if we wanted to convert. That's NOT an option this next year if I want to put my PLAN into action. I did NOT wish to sacrifice my PLAN to the corporate schmucks who like our wallets.

Much to my relief, I finally found them doing news article searches this afternoon. We DO qualify, AND we can have the panels put on our garage instead of the house. This is good, since we were planning on having that roof replaced in the spring, and needed to address the lack of power to the garage as it was because we've run out of circuits in the house. It can all be handled in one installation.

Even better, it looks like the PLAN can still be initiated if we are careful. This pleases me, because I am tired of putting my life on hold again and again and again for things that rob me of my life force or the household of cash.

My advice to those in Jersey who have oil heat- especially with underground tanks? Start looking to get rid of it now, or at least look into alternative insurance policies immediately.


1) I will post that recipe for ginger-pear bread before the end of the week. I need to finish the webzine first, because I want to finish before the new deadline.

2) Tell me there's a magic spell that grants teenagers common sense, because mine went to a friend's party the other night, and the host vomitted all over (from a virus, not drinking), so she helped clean it up, stayed with him for hours, and didn't bother to warn her family about it. Who picked her up when she was covered in puke-germs?

Why, immuno-supressed mom, of course! She told me it was food-poisoning, but as she described things during our ride home, I knew it wasn't. I prayed I wasn't going to get sick. This morning, I am sick. This morning, COLE is feeling like he's going to be that kind of sick.

Who ISN'T sick? The girl. Doh!

So, renegade_geek, since I wasn't actively "ill" when I visited or baked, I don't think you'll get ill, but it's entirely possible that I yet again accidentally exposed you to an illness, for which I am, as always sorry, sorry, sorry.

Where's my bubble?

3) Birds. Lots. Having breakfast in my yard. Nifty! The kestral may have moved out of the pine, although I did find a mouse head last week...

4) I have been reading and intend to comment. My life has just been disjointed. Each time it is interrupted of late, I confront the offender instead of retreating to my journal, so that keeps me from having time to tell you "hello." Working on restoring balance.

Be well today, and go out and vote! If you exercise your right not to do so, remember to exercise your right to keep your mouth closed later.

Oh, my, it is the yum.

I've made my first batch of Ginger Pear Bread, and it's really tasty. After it completely cools, I'll decide whether next time, I'll need to add additional pears that have been chopped and mixed in by hand just before pouring into the pans. I'm also considering adding crystalized ginger bits to a pan to see how that goes. The other thing I'd like to try is playing with the leavening ingredients a bit to get a bread with a texture somewhere between sweet loaf breads and sandwich bread, but with a flavor similar to what I have now. If I can manage that, I'd have an amazing toasting bread that would made excellent French Toast, as well.

Seriously, though, it's really good just the way it turned out as a first run, both with and without the orange-ginger glaze. It could easily be a muffin recipe, as well. Now I'm excited about trying out the pumpkin pie made with coconut milk! I might have to do it tonight just to find out if it's as good!

I have the additional task of experimenting with cinnamon roll recipes this week. If you live within driving distance, make some freezer space available. I can't keep all this here, so you have been warned: I may turn up on your doorstep with goodies.

Not a woman? Not seeing why this Target thing is a big deal? Here are some points to ponder.

Over in leftist_cunt, we're posting our letters to Target (Dayton-Hudson Corp.) and discussing the issue. (It's all very polite, I might add.) As I've been reading today, what I've seen is that not everyone understands that there's more at stake here than just women's rights, and there are actual reasons why having Target get away with something of this nature is inappropriate.

Here are the problems as I see them:

1) A pharmacist- when licensed- is not currently given an exemption clause for such things. When and if state licensing boards begin issuing such exemptions on a license so that it is a documented fact PRIOR to the hiring of an individual that they will not dispense certain medications, THEN they will have the right to refuse. When you are licensed, you are required to report certain changes and keep your license current, so if you have a moral or religious change after your initial certification, you would have the right to report and record your objection.

2) There are churches- recognized religions*- that regularly discriminate against people of color. Based on this decision, Target is setting a precedent they don't want to set unless they want employees to be able to say, "I attend the Church of Jesus Christ Christian**, and it is against our faith to attend to people of color. I will not checkout any Target guests who are not white, nor will I respond to them if they question me."

You may automatically think that by taking away this right, you'd be saying that Target can't allow Jews, etc, to have their holy days off. That's not true. What they wouldn't be allowing is any religious ideals that discriminate against humans of any race, creed, color, or orientation.

Additionally, many large companies still do not pay an employee with a non-Christian faith for their holy day if they take it off- but they DO let them have vacation for it. Instead, they are paid for the standard holidays defined by the corporation, and those are generally based on "Christian" holidays. Fortunately, many more savvy employers have added a few "personal" days to their benefits, and these can be used however the employee sees fit.

3) When you allow a company to re-define what a LICENSED professional is and is not required to do within the boundaries of their stores or offices, you are essentially negating the GOVERNED offices that we as taxpayers fund to ensure that these folks have been properly trained, screened, and tested so that we are getting individuals who know how to properly do an important and potentially dangerous job. If you allow one corporation to get away with hiding behind a rule that doesn't really apply to them for what they are attempting to use it for without fighting, you're essentially saying that you don't care if a McDonald's employee fills your prescription.

So, next time you need a script filled, would you prefer a side order of fries, or would you rather know that you're not going to have an allergic reaction to what you've been given?

* link for the church- HERE
**The actual website for the church is part of the Aryan Nation. Here's the url- I won't link to it. One visit was enough.

Where to shop, now that Target is O-U-T.

Until things change, I can't have anything from Target. You have no idea how hard that is for me- I actually get great deals on cereal there, buy Italian soda, cheap cat litter and Iams cat food, chihuahua food, cat treats, school supplies, laundry items, health & beauty aides, and most every other household item we need. Oh, and clothing basics, of course.

So, I'm going to keep a list of places I can shop for things that I WAS getting at Target for comparable prices.

Italian Sodas:

Whole Foods Markets- $ not found online

Trader Joes- $1.99

Target Price- $1.89

Cereal (Actually, most basic groceries in general. Just don't shop at Wegmans if you're hungry, and avoid gourmet items. Also, buy family packs of meat to divide and freeze, as small packs tend to hit your wallet hard there. Produce is good at both places, but seafood at Giant is hit or miss.)



Cute Clothing at good prices:

Fred Meyer (for those of you who have them, clothes shopping not yet available online.)

Mervyn's (no longer a division of Target- they were sold off a year or two ago)



Pet Items
Pet Valu

This is a nationwide list, so please feel free to contribute! For example, I don't have a Mervyn's in my area, or a Fred Meyer, but I shop at them when I am in the Pacific Northwest.

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Having no complete outfits to wear for a casual business environment, I bought a sweater and top last night to wear with my black velvet slacks and black boots.

As you can see from the link, the sweater has a faux fur collar. I'm wearing it now, and sitting in my favorite chair. A few minutes ago, I was checking my email and reading my friends list, when Vasco discovered the collar of my sweater. He's very upset about it, and spent five minutes attempting to free the dead thing from my clothing. I, of course, spent five minutes scolding him and convincing him that the dead thing was to be left alone, and was, in fact, never alive.

Now, he's moping and stalking his SpongeBob catnip toy.

The collar IS detachable. I could always take it off and give it to him for Christmas. ;)